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Grant Call on Chronic Diseases Management

The Grant Call on Chronic Diseases Management is the seventh grant call under the National Innovation Challenge (NIC) on Active and Confident Ageing. This grant call, launched under the research thrust on “Lengthening Health Span”, aims to identify seniors who currently have chronic diseases and develop new care models and intervention programmes that are effective, have lower costs and provide quality of care.

Challenge Statement

A Principal Investigator (PI) can submit only one application in response to the challenge statement.  However, he/she may be part of the Project Team of other applications.

The challenge is to develop a scalable intervention programme for seniors with chronic diseases that achieves significantly better measurable outcomes as compared with current approaches, in terms of improving adherence to management and disease control, identification of higher risk groups for additional interventions, reducing hospitalisations, empowering patients and care-givers for enhanced quality of life.


The Grant Call on CDM is open to all public and private entities, research institutes and institutes of higher learning (IHLs), registered and/or incorporated in Singapore. Interested parties may form Project Teams comprising:

  1. Members from multi-disciplinary (e.g. pairing medical and technology, engineering) background and/or involving more than one Organisation; and

  2. An Implementation Partner (e.g. service provider, community organisation) to test-bed the proposed solutions.

For detailed participating criteria and instructions, please refer to the Grant Call on Chronic Diseases Management Public Document and Application Guide


  • Up to 80% funding of approved qualifying costs to develop and implement proposed solutions for up to a period of three years.
  • Support for indirect costs, on top of supportable qualifying direct costs, is capped at 20% of the supportable qualifying direct costs. Only Singapore-registered Institutions that are IHLs or not-for-profit entities, including public healthcare providers, may qualify for support for indirect costs. 

Important dates to note

The timeline for key activities under the Grant Call on Chronic Diseases Management is set out below.



Call for Applications

18 Sep 2018 (Tue)

Public Briefing

21 Sep 2018 (Fri)

Deadline for Project Proposal Submission

15 Oct 2018 (Mon)

Evaluation and Moderation Process

Jan 2019 – Feb 2019

Announcement of Results

By end FY2018

Public Briefing

MOH had hosted a Public Briefing for the grant call on 21 Sep 2018. Please click here to access the briefing slides.


It is mandatory for all applications to be submitted and endorsed by Host Institution’s Director of Research (DOR) online via IGMS by 15 October 2018, 5pm.
We will not entertain any late/hardcopy submissions or submissions from individual applicants without endorsement from the Host Institution.

Please click here to download the following information/templates relating to this Grant Call:

  • Grant Call on CDM Public Document and Application Guide
  • Grant Call on CDM Public Document and Application Guide - Annexes
  • IGMS Application templates for NIC CDM (also downloadable from IGMS)
  • Guide to applying in IGMS 

Supporting Agency:

  • National Research Foundation (NRF) 

Contact Us

For any enquiries on the Grant Call on Chronic Diseases Management or the National Innovation Challenge, please email us at

18 Sep 2018 - 15 Oct 2018