Review Process


The review process is a critical mechanism which NMRC uses to identify the most promising and meritorious research for funding. NMRC strives continuously to improve the review process to cater to the changing grant landscape and to ensure a robust, transparent and fair system. Integral to the review system is the faculty of dedicated subject matter experts who contribute their time to help review and evaluate proposals. NMRC has invited distinguished investigators from different areas of research to provide constructive critique for scientific proposals.

Two-Stage Review Process

A two-stage review process is used for most of the competitive research grants.  The same review principles are followed where the review process may vary slightly for other grant programmes

In the first stage, all submitted applications will be reviewed and scored by international domain experts. The applications will be ranked based on the review scores and recommendations for shortlisting. Shortlisted applicants are invited for a rebuttal while reviewers’ comments will be provided to unsuccessful applicants to help them with their subsequent resubmission.

In the second stage, shortlisted applications will undergo a review by the Local Review Panel (LRP) based on the international reviewers’ comments and the applicant’s rebuttal. The LRP will discuss on the shortlisted applications at the LRP meeting and make funding recommendations based on the available budget. 

2 stage review process