01 Jul 2022 - 01 Aug 2022

The Open Fund - Individual Research Grant (OF-IRG) is provided to support the conduct of research proposals in basic, translational and clinical research that are relevant to human health and potential, including research that looks at the causes, consequences, diagnosis and treatment of human diseases.

Research Theme

OF-IRG is open to applications in all research areas. Applications are assessed based on scientific merit at the international level and relevance to Singapore, but should prioritisation be required between meritorious applications, the following seven disease areas have been identified as national priorities for research:

  1. Cancers and neoplasms
  2. Cardiovascular
  3. Eye
  4. Infection
  5. Mental health
  6. Metabolic and endocrine
  7. Neurological

Evaluation Criteria

Selection of successful proposals would be based on the following evaluation criteria:

  1. Quality of the science
  2. Capability of the research performers to conduct the research
  3. Objectives of the research programme in context of HHP goals*

The HHP Domain’s vision for RIE2025 is to be a leading hub that transforms and protects health, advances human potential and creates economic value through excellence in research and its application for Singapore, Asia and the world.

Eligibility Criteria for IRG

Only one Principal Investigator (PI) is allowed per application. Applicants applying as Principal Investigator are required to fulfil the following criteria at the point of application:

a)      Holds a primary appointment in a local publicly funded institution and salaried by the institution.

b)      PIs should have PhD or MD/MBBS/BDS qualifications. (Exceptions would be made on a case-by-case basis).

c)       Is an independent investigator (with PI status in institution) with a demonstrated track record of research, as evidenced by the award of nationally competitive funding (international funding to be considered on a case by case basis), substantial publication record in the past 3 years.

d)      Has a laboratory or clinical research program that carries out research in Singapore

e)      Holds a minimum of 9 months employment (per calendar year) with local Singapore institution(s). Upon award, the PI must agree to fulfil at least 6 months of residency in Singapore for each calendar year over the duration of the grant award.

f)       Has no outstanding report from previous BMRC, NMRC grants, and other national grants.

g)      For proposals involving patients, the PI should be SMC registered; or should be able to demonstrate ability to access patients through SMC registered Co-Is or collaborators.

Grant Call Frequency

There will be two grant calls per year (January and July).

Funding Quantum

The OF-IRG will provide a funding quantum of up to S$1.625M (inclusive of up to 30% indirect costs^) and up to 5 years.

^Indirect costs is not applicable for research scholarship budget

Submission Mode and Deadline

It is mandatory for all applications to be submitted and endorsed by Director of Research (DOR) online via IGMS by 1 Aug 2022, 5pm. We will not entertain any late submissions or submissions from individual applicants without HI DOR endorsement.

Please download the OF-IRG Application Guide for more information.

Review Panel

The composition of the OF-IRG Local Review Panel (2021-2022) is listed in the table below.

 S/N Name Institution 
 1  Prof Hong Wanjin (co-Chair)  IMCB
 2  Prof Tan Eng King (co-Chair)  NNI
 3  Prof Nicholas Barker  IMCB
 4  Prof Bay Boon Huat  NUS
 5  Prof Chen Peng  NTU
 6  A/Prof Christopher Chen  NUH
 7  A/Prof Vincent Chow  NUS
 8  Prof Roger Foo  NUS
 9  Prof Derek Hausenloy  NHCS
 10  Prof Dean Ho  NUS
 11  A/Prof Hsu Li Yang  NUH
 12  A/Prof Lee Soo Chin  NUH
 13  A/Prof Melvin Leow  TTSH
 14  Prof Liu Jianjun  GIS
 15  A/Prof Liu Haiyan  NUS
 16  Prof Lo Yew Long  NNI
 17  A/Prof Jonathon Loh  IMCB
 18  A/Prof David Lye  TTSH
 19  Prof Malini Olivo  IBB
 20  Prof Peter Preiser  NTU
 21  Prof Laurent Renia  A*STAR ID Labs
 22  Prof Kanaga Sabapathy  NCCS
 23  Prof David Silver  Duke-NUS
 24  Prof Soong Tuck Wah  NUS
 25  Prof Colin Stewart  SRIS
 26  A/Prof Su I-hsin  NTU
 27  Dr Tam Wai Leong  GIS
 28  Prof Patrick Tan  GIS
 29  Prof Subhash Vasudevan  Duke-NUS
 30  Prof Ashok Venkitaraman  NUS
 31  A/Prof Wang Mei Casey  Duke-NUS
 32  Prof Wang Linfa  Duke-NUS
 33  A/Prof Zeng Li  NNI
 34  Prof Zhang Suchun  Duke-NUS
 35  Prof Herbert Schwarz  NUS

Applicants are not allowed to approach any of the panel members to discuss or solicit information related to their application review or funding decisions. NMRC may impose a suspension and/or debarment on such applicants.