16 Nov 2020 - 16 Dec 2020


HSRG New Investigator Grant (HSRG-NIG) is a sub category of the HSRG to cater for new HSR investigators. The HSRG-NIG is a step for the new investigator to a first independent national level grant. Applicants with substantial research experience will not be accepted under this category.

To be eligible for the HSRG-NIG, the following requirements apply:

(i) Applicants must not have held any national grants (e.g., NMRC, A*STAR, NRF, MOE AcRF Tier II, etc) or international grants (e.g., MRC, NIH, NHMRC, etc) as a PI/Co-PI* prior to the award of the NIG
*Co-PIs refer to PIs whose projects are jointly led by other PIs (e.g. projects under NMRC’s Bedside & Bench grant). They are not the same as, and should not be confused with Co-Investigators (Co-Is).

(ii) Applicants must not have received funding to conduct their own research project which cumulatively exceeds $300,000. This can be funding from any sources.

Applicants who are applying as new investigators category (HSRG-NIG) have to work with a mentor for guidance in their research. This mentoring will provide support for a period of supervised research leading eventually to the clinical investigators conducting larger scale research projects independently. Please note that the NIG is intended to fund a new investigator’s independent project, and not to provide additional funding for the mentor's project (or clinical trial). 


Each HSRG-NIG application must be led by a PI fulfilling the eligibility criteria listed below. Only one Principal Investigator (PI) is allowed per application.

PI must have a PhD and/or MBBS/BDS/PharmD/MD and/or other appropriate Postgraduate Qualification (at least a Master’s Degree). For proposals involving patients, either the PI or co-I should be SMC-registered; or should be able to demonstrate ability to access patients through SMC-registered collaborators. It is recognized that some studies may not require patient involvement.

Additional eligibility criteria include:

  1. Hold a primary appointment in a local publicly funded institution and salaried by the institution.

  2. Have a laboratory or clinical research program that carries out research in Singapore.

  3. Hold a minimum of 9 months employment with a local Singapore institution. Upon award, the PI must agree to fulfill at least 6 months of residency in Singapore for each calendar year[1] over the duration of the grant award.

Funding Quantum:

The HSRG-NIG will provide a funding quantum of up to S$100,000 per project for 2 years with additional 20% indirect costs provided to the host institution of the lead PI. Grant calls typically open together with each HSRG grant call.  


It is mandatory for all applications to be submitted and endorsed by Director of Research (DOR) online via IGMS by 16 Dec 2020, 5pm. We will not entertain any late submissions or submissions from individual applicants without HI DOR endorsement.

Please download the Guide and Application Form (for reference) for more information.