Awarded Projects
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The list of awarded projects from the May 2017 grant call onwards are provided below. 

COVID-19 Research Projects

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National Innovation Challenge on Active and Confident Ageing (NIC on Ageing)

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NIC on Ageing Phase 1A – List of Awarded Projects   PDF 80KB
NIC on Ageing Phase 1B:    
  - Winners of the Healthy Longevity Catalyst Awards - Round 1 NA NA

May 2017 Grant Call

Nov 2017 Grant Call

May 2018 Grant Call

Nov 2018 Grant Call

May 2019 Grant Call

Nov 2019 Grant Call

Nov 2020 Grant Call

Clinical Trial Grant - Industry Collaborative Trials (CTG-ICT) Grant Call (Open throughout the year)

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CTG-ICT Awarded Projects PDF 62KB