Local Review Panel


  • The LRP comprises over 20 members with two co-chairs. The role of the panel is to evaluate proposals and provide funding recommendation to the NMRC Board.
  • Ad-hoc LRP members (subject experts) may be invited to specific meetings to evaluate certain proposals where there are gaps in domain knowledge.

Peer Review process of the Individual Research Grant Applications

Peer review of the IRGs will undergo a two-stage process involving independent international expert reviewers and the LRP. 

Stage 1

To ensure that funding decision is based on scientific merit, all IRG applications are assessed by independent international reviewers. Based on the reviewers' comments and scores, all applications will be ranked for shortlisting. Applicants whose proposals are shortlisted will be asked to submit their defence / clarifications to comments posed by the international reviewers, within a given timeline (usually 14 days). Applicants whose proposals are not shortlisted will be provided with the reviewers comments to help them with their subsequent resubmission. 

Stage 2

The LRP will evaluate the shortlisted proposals based on the international reviewers' comments and the researcher's defence and clarifications. The LRP will rank the best projects and make funding recommendations to the NMRC Board which will make the final decision on proposals to be funded based on the available budget.