27 Feb 2023 - 31 Dec 2025

Healthy and Meaningful Longevity (HML)
(also known as National Innovation Challenge (NIC) on Active and Confident Ageing Phase 2)

The National Innovation Challenge (NIC) on Active and Confident Ageing aims to build a strong Ageing R&D ecosystem that catalyses cross-institutional multi-disciplinary applied research to increase the productive capacity and health span while optimising the rising costs of care in an ageing population like Singapore. 

Key Research Themes

The HML Funding Initiative will continue to spur multi-disciplinary research in emerging priority areas of ageing, in particular Cognition.

The HML FI comprises the following competitive grant calls:

  • Translation 
    The Translation Grant Call aims to support the scale-up of promising research projects in the community that will benefit seniors. The focus of this translation phase is on large-scale test bedding, to:
    1. understand application of implementation science approaches (e.g. barriers affecting uptake of the innovation by service providers/seniors, staff training & resourcing required),
    2. establish cost-effectiveness, and
    3. validate whether the good POC/POV results achieved in earlier stages of research continue to hold when project is scaled. The envisioned outcome is such that at the end of the research grant, researchers will be able to generate sufficient evidence to demonstrate that the solution is effective, cost-efficient, viable, and financially sustainable at scale, and can use their findings to garner support from potential funders to adopt and implement the solution more widely (e.g. rolling out as a mainstream service in eldercare settings)
  • Cognition

    To leverage research to tackle the challenges of dementia such as increasing prevalence of cognitive decline and dementia, high rate of undiagnosed dementia, as well as high care needs and caregiver burden for people living with dementia.

  • Healthy Longevity Catalyst Awards (HLCA)

    Continued collaboration with the US National Academy of Medicine (US NAM) under the Healthy Longevity Global Competition administered by the US NAM. The HLCA offers seed funding aimed at catalysing bold and innovative ideas to advance healthy longevity in Singapore.

Call for Proposals

HLCA Grant Call Round 4Closed

HLCA Grant Call Round 5 - Closed - Review is ongoing

Translation Grant Call – Closed - Review is ongoing

Cognition Grant CallNew!


Applicants are advised to refer to the NMRC Research Grant Terms and Conditions and its Annex: Additional Terms and Conditions for Projects Funded under the National Innovation Challenge on Active and Confident Ageing (NIC on Ageing) for more information before applying for the grant.