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Institutes of Higher Learning / Research Institutes 


  • Bioinformatics Institute, Agency for Science, Technology and Research

Camera-based body pose estimation, tracking, and behaviour analysis, Machine learning, computer vision

  • Centre for Ageing Research and Education, Duke-NUS Medical School
The impact on health and wellbeing as a result of changes in work structures and processes;
  • Duke-NUS Medical School
Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, Attention regulation, Cognitive Performance
  • Geriatric Education and Research Institute
Translational and/or health services research relating to preventive health or delivery of care services for the senior population;
  • ITE College East
Assistive and Silver care
  • Nanyang Polytechnic
Senior Fitness Screening, Programs to involve Seniors to be Active and Contribute to society in a productive manner.
mHealth, well-being for elderly, big data
Participant is currently working with clinicians from local public hospitals on translational researches for enhanced healthcare management.


Digital Manufacturing, Manufacturing Informatics, Smart Shopfloor Operations, Gamification



The manufacturing industry stands to benefit from the experience and skills of the senior workforce to help maintain Singapore’s competitive advantages. Shopfloor experts now nearing retirement and those that re-join the workforce after retirement would need to work on the same shopfloor as the younger workforce and with new and evolving manufacturing systems both safely and effectively. This research project will investigate the combination of non-obtrusive people tracking and physiological health tracking technologies, just-in-time information delivery capabilities of augmented reality and the artificial intelligence of machine learning to supplement the capabilities of the senior workforce on the shopfloor. Issues such as on-demand and hands-free access to contextual data to make decision making easier, real-time ergonomic evaluations to reduce accidents and improved shopfloor configurations for enhanced workability will be investigated to address the Grand Challenge.;

  • Nanyang Technological University
Lengthening healthspan
Ageless ageing, artificial intelligence, IoT, data analytics, cognitive computing
elderly and technologies; care management; exercises
Optical fiber sensor for Bio-Chemical application;;


Rehabilitation Robotics, Assistive Technology, Bioinspired and Biomimetic Systems, Unmanned Arial Systems, Industrial Robot, Mechanism/Mechatronics Design and Control, Multibody System Dynamics, Vibrations and Structural Dynamic and Impact Dynamics.



Robotic exoskeletons have been widely used to augment the capabilities of healthy individuals such as helping soldiers to carry heavy load. The proposed solution focuses on developing soft wearable exoskeleton that uses innovative tendon driven mechanism for reducing the weight and provide a more conformal and compliant ways to interface with the elderly. The innovation can help increase mobility and improve health and efficiency of working elderly by providing assistance at ankle, knee and hip joint.
Design, develop and study vision correcting display techniques, and its benefits for weak eyesight in an aging population
  • National University of Singapore
Health Economics, Policy Evaluation
Technological/ business model innovation/work place redesign for ageing workforce to improve productivity (Profile: )

Medical Engineering and Research Commercialization Initiative (MERCI)

MERCI is a core facility of National University of Singapore (NUS) and National University Health Systems (NUHS). Since its inception in 2009, it has played a significant role in the development and commercialization of medical technologies. MERCI believes in the importance of understanding the clinical needs and translating those needs into useful, manufacturable and commercially viable products in order to make a difference to patients’ lives.

Over the years, MERCI has contributed its expertise in the R&D and commercialization of medical technologies and forged close working relationship between the clinicians in the School of Medicine and researchers from other faculties and institutions. At MERCI, we understand the value of considering all the critical activities involved in the translation of a concept to a product right from the early stages, be it clinician inputs, patient safety matters, regulatory compliance or manufacturing decisions. As an ISO 13485 certified facility, we have also put in place quality management systems to streamline product development, testing and validation according to internationally-recognized standards.
We seek partnership opportunities in medical devices for collaboration and licensing activities.
A nation-wide qualitative survey of Singaporean aged 50 to 64 on their expectations towards continuing working beyond 65
  • Ngee Ann Polytechnic
R&D Grant in Tech Transfer Office
Bioscience and technology R&D Please contact NIC(PO) at to be linked up with the POC
  • Republic Polytechnic
Wireless technologies & Smart Devices
Ergonomics & Assistive Technologies leo_chin_khim@RP.EDU.SG
Application of autonomous and guided vehicles to assist elderly hotel housekeepers stay productive beyond 55.
1. Study of stem cell differentiation into therapeutic cell types.
2. Bioprinting of therapeutic cells
Product Integration, Medical & Biomedical electronics, System Design
Currently working on drug X and its effect on breast cancer cell lines and breast cancer stem cells and have identified potential therapeutic marker. The long term goal is to develop a non-invasive detection kit to assess the prognosis of breast cancer patient in response to the drug X.
Addressing real world challenges using Medicinal Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, formulation science, in-vitro biological screening principles
  • Singapore Institute of Technology Please refer to contacts on the website
  • Biomedical/mechanical engineering applications relevant to the prevailing NIC grant challenge statement.
  • Labour-augmenting enhancements or technologies for the elderly workforce.
  • Modelling and simulation that can lead towards productivity improvements for workforce and operations.
  • Technologies that can enhance elderly care within a manpower constrained healthcare facility.
  • Technology enablement/gadgets for the elderly workforce.
  • Use of autonomous guided vehicles or robotics-related technologies for applications relevant to the prevailing NIC grant challenge statement.
Mechanism design & robotics (with applications such as assistive devices, elderly aid, etc.)
  • Singapore Polytechnic
One of Singapore Polytechnic (SP)’s new initiatives – the new SP Care focus on supporting Active Aging through healthcare technology innovations. Formed by a multidisciplinary team across SP with various healthcare capabilities and competencies such as User Insights, Rehab & Assistive Technology, Medical Devices, Diagnostics, Vision Science, and Food & Health. Many of our projects also rely on collaborations with partners to co-innovate, testbed or adopt.

Some of the areas of research interest of Dr Cai’s team are as follows:
• Devices for independent living, active aging, assessment, elderly assist and care
• Geo-location and real-time monitoring networks
• Wearables, Sensors and communications
• Infocomm Technology application in healthcare
  • Temasek Polytechnic
Area of interest is mainly dealing with design that aids in the betterment of lives. Design that have the Do Good factor rather than just mere aesthetics.;

Enabling older adults to successfully stay engaged within their communities. CAS works with partners on gaining insights into target user needs in the definition and development of services, processes and environments.

Developing of a mobile app for diabetes management
  • UON Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Physical and psychological relaxation techniques such as pranayama, yoga, DRT, CBT, etc. and cultural sensitivity would enable the aging workforce to improve both their health and workability, thereby improving productivity.;

Healthcare Institutions

  • Alexandra Health System
  • Changi General Hospital
Provision of healthcare services
  • Eastern Health Alliance
  • Institute of Mental Health
Mental health issues among working population, workplace mental health promotion, positive psychology
Population Health and Mental Health Research
  • National Healthcare Group

Facilitate research in healthcare in general.


Interested in looking into ways of creating a workplace environment that enables older folks to work in, with a focus on productivity / automation type of innovation (for example, a lot of manual work in the hospital may be too tedious for older workers to do, such as lifting of patients, cleaning of beds etc).
  • National Heart Centre Singapore


Remote cardiac monitoring, early ‘out of hospital’ cardiac diagnosis, cardiac aging



Remote diagnostic and monitoring of ECG and cardiac rhythm, Blood Pressure, Glucose at Workplace or Home via use of smartphone, wearables for age > 65
  • Singapore General Hospital

The Movement Science Laboratory at SGH is a facility equipped with cutting edge technologyto conductvaried research in the field of Kinesiology (Human Movement) and beyond, with a focus on Human Gait studies. We actively collaborate with researchers and clinicians within our institution's departments, with industrial partners, and with local and overseas institutions to drive forward the advancement of Healthcare technology.

  1. Biomechanical and physiological research & testing facilities to determine the efficacy of assistive technologies (robotic/medical/ rehabilitation devices) for aging workers

  2. An Implementation Partner to test-bed the proposed solutions in the hospital setting (assess to Clinicians, Allied Health Professionals & Nurses).
Ageing and bowel health, Constipation/incontinence, Recovery of health post bowel cancer
  • Tan Tock Seng Hospital
TTSH strives to be the leader in Geriatrics Research and Education, so as to enable the delivery of holistic care, person-centric health, independence, safety and quality of life of older persons. As such, the Institute of Geriatrics and Active Ageing (IGA) was established in September 2012 to be at the forefront of TTSH’s expansion of research and training initiatives to serve our rapidly ageing population.
Active ageing programme and its impact on health and productivity of senior workers

Hearing health
Health and safety for mature workers Please contact NIC(PO) be
linked up with the POC

Private Enterprises

  • 3D Networks Singapore Pte Ltd

ICT-enabled Business Solutions and Infrastructure implementation;
  • ACCESS Health International

ACCESS Health International is a nonprofit think tank, advisory group, and knowledge and implementation partner to governments and the private sector. We are dedicated to improving access to high quality, affordable healthcare in low, middle, and high income countries. We advise national and regional governments and the private sector on the design and management of healthcare finance and delivery systems. Our team members reside in country. We establish long term relationships within each country to address both national and local healthcare needs. We identify and develop leaders in healthcare in the countries where we work.


In Singapore, ACCESS Health works with policy planners, healthcare deliverers and researchers to identify best practices in planning and implementing new models of integrated care for affordable chronic disease management. We also work with both public and private sectors to inspire and support new business models for health and wellness.
  • Ageing Asia Pte Ltd
Ageing Market Consultancy Social Enterprise;

  • APEX Headhunters

Executive search for senior level professional and management staff in all industries for the Asia Pacific region

Please contact NIC(PO) at to be linked up with the POC

  • Boustead Services Pte Ltd
Professional Services

  • CET Global Pte Ltd
HR Consultancy
  • CPG Facilities Management Pte Ltd
Facilities Management;

  • Cold Storage Singapore (1983) Pte Ltd
  • CoNEX Systems and Services Pte Ltd
CoNEX is a system developer and integrator for the healthcare industry. CoNEX provides fall-prediction and prevention systems utilizing state-of-the-art technologies with analytical features, and also manpower scheduling software development.
  • HOPE Technik Pte Ltd
Design and manufacturing of healthcare and robotics product

  • Lim Kim Hai Electric Co (S) Pte Ltd

Electrical and Electronics Distributor
  • Nanoveu Pte. Ltd

Nanoveu is a leading provider of thin-film based Nano-imprinted structures that shape our vision when viewed through high resolution smart devices. Nanoveu’s signature product, EyeFly3D, delivers 3D with the impression of depth, on high-resolution mobile phones and tablets, without the need for 3D glasses.

We aim to use a combination of Nanotechnology and software for vision correction. We aim to use a combination of Nanotechnology and software for vision correction. The intent is to correct presbyopia with just a screen protector on mobile devices.
  • Service Quality Centre Pte Ltd

Consultancy and Corporate training
  • Singapore Hotel Association

Industry Association Please contact NIC(PO) at to be linked up with the POC
  • Skywalk Automation

Automation design & programming, & productivity consultation works

Please contact NIC(PO) at to be linked up with the POC
  • Prima Limited & Prima Food Pte Ltd.

Biz info:

Flour Milling & Food Manufacturing Industry


Area / Pain point:

Job Redesign & Manufacturing Process Automation
  • ProAge Pte Ltd

Improve the productivity and health of older workers