01 May 2016 - 18 Oct 2018

About NIC on Active and Confident Ageing

The National Innovation Challenge (NIC) on Active and Confident Ageing seeks to catalyze innovative ideas and research in Singapore that can transform the experience of ageing in Singapore, tomorrow. 

Key Research Thrusts

The NIC comprises three key research thrusts:

  • Lengthening of health span 
    We want to find better ways of delaying the onset of disease and disability and instead extend seniors' "health span", so that our seniors can continue to lead economically and socially active lives for much longer.

  • Productive longevity
    We want to facilitate research and innovation that can unlock the talent, energies and productivity in longevity, for the benefit of individuals, society and our nation. For instance, potential research and innovation can be conducted to enable learning and re-learning throughout the ageing process, as well as to create ageless work places.

  • Ageing in place
    We are looking at research in science and technology to help seniors live independent and autonomous lives despite physical frailty. We seek new innovative solutions to effectively support ageing in place, in a smart city.

Call for Proposals 

Care-at-home Innovation Grant  - Closed

Grant Call on Cognition – Closed

Ageless Workplace Innovation Grant - Closed

Enabling Innovation Grant – Closed

Healthy Ageing Innovation Grant – Closed

Grant Call on Falls Prevention – Closed

Grant Call on Chronic Diseases Management –  Closed

We will publish details of upcoming open competitive grant calls for the key thrusts on this website of the National Medical Research Council (NMRC) ( ==> Applying for Grants) as well as the National Research Foundation website (


All applicants are advised to refer to the Funding Guide for the National Innovation Challenge on Active and Confident Ageing Competitive Grant Calls (wef 15 Feb 2017) and the Annex A - General Terms and Conditions for NIC on Active and Confident Ageing (wef 23 Jan 2017) for more information before applying for the grant. The guidelines provides details on the items that will be funded, MOH’s expectations of project teams and potential documents that project teams may use in the process of grant application and over the funding period.

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