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The National Health Innovation Centre (NHIC), an initiative of the NMRC, provides the publicly-funded clinical research sector of Singapore with translational funding and strategic guidance to stimulate and support healthcare innovation.

Established in 2014, we aim to impact the clinical landscape by accelerating the development of innovative technologies and services to improve healthcare delivery and patient care. By promoting the collaboration of researchers, clinicians and industry, we will better position Singapore to tackle the healthcare challenges of tomorrow.

NHIC funding is specifically aimed to expedite the translation of an innovation (by validating, de-risking or developing it) towards a market-ready product. Our three funding schemes are for projects which address an unmet healthcare need and have demonstrated ‘proof-of-principle’ supported by experimental data.

Funding Streams

NHIC has three funding streams which target different stages of the innovation development pipeline (early stage/ basic research is not eligible for funding). All proposals for our funding must address intellectual property management, the commercialisation strategy and public health impact of the innovation. Collaborations with industry are encouraged if they strengthen the proposal. 

Innovation to Protect (I2P)

Funding the IP protection expenses of a validated innovation

Award: Up to $45,000 (contingent on stage)  This scheme funds IP protection expenses  on patent applications only  for innovations with significant healthcare and commercial potential.

Funding is considered if the application satisfies the following criteria:

  • Strong patent position and IP protection strategy
  • Detailed development plan, highlighting future project work, milestones, endpoints
  • Detailed commercial plan outlining proposed route to market, healthcare impact, competing technologies and potential industry partners

The funding support is applicable for the following patenting stages: First Filing, Conversion and prosecution, National Phase Entry and prosecution, Grant.

The funding quantum for a provisional patent filing is capped at S$5,000 on a reimbursement basis. The funding quantum for conversion of patent application for PCT and National Phase Entry (NPE) with prosecution, is capped at S$40,000. For National Phase Entry, NHIC will fund a maximum of two countries and their cumulative office actions, not exceeding S$20,000 per country. 

Innovation to Develop (I2D)

Funding the development of an innovation to a commercialisable endpoint

Award: Up to $250,000 for 1 year. This funding aims to fully validate the innovation via a deliverable development plan to a commercialisable endpoint. An application must clearly illustrate the technical feasibility of the project and demonstrate the potential for translation to a point where the technology would be attractive to a follow-on funder or industry partner.

Funding is considered if the application satisfies the following criteria:

  • Strong intellectual property position
  • Preliminary proof of-concept data in in vitro and/or in vivo research/laboratory models
  • Clear and achievable commercial development plan, with the potential for revenue generation for the institution 
  • Detailed development plan highlighting future project work, milestones, endpoints
  • Detailed commercial plan outlining proposed route to market, the unmet healthcare need, competing technologies and potential industry partners
  • Would result in significant healthcare or services cost savings

This category will provide a funding quantum capped at S$250,000 (inclusive of max. 20% indirect costs) which will be awarded to the lead institution, which can claim for but will also be responsible for reimbursing costs incurred by collaborating institutions and industry partners. 

Innovation to Implement (I2I)

Introducing a healthcare product or service into the clinical setting

Award: Up to $1,000,000 for 2 years. Application to this fund is by NHIC invitation only. The scheme is for projects which have successfully completed I2D funding and which, in conjunction with a commercial partner, are ready to be implemented in the clinical setting. 


For all schemes, the Principal Investigator must hold a primary appointment in a public hospital/public health institution/national speciality centre/Academic Medical Centre and be salaried by the institution. Project teams must contain strong clinical representation.

All applications are judged on merit and eligibility is not limited to NMRC-funded research.


The NHIC team members have strong track records in the identification and commercialization of intellectual property from academic, clinical and commercial fields. The depth and breadth of this experience is offered under each NHIC award, where their expertise and resources will be applied to the evaluation and nurturing of innovations along the commercialization pipeline.

NHIC will add value by adopting an active role in the mentoring of applicants and their respective teams at all stages, from early stage discussions through to the funding of the application and post-award management of projects (including progress against milestones and commercialization). Through this committed involvement, NHIC aims to deliver the significant healthcare impact desired under the schemes.

Grant Calls

These schemes have a rolling online grant application process i.e. applications can be submitted at any time.

Applications for the I2P and I2D schemes need to be endorsed, signed and submitted electronically to NHIC by the Research/Innovation office of your respective Healthcare Cluster.

For an application to the I2P scheme, please submit the Invention Disclosure Form of your institution or NHIC’s Invention Disclosure Form and the NHIC Grant Application Form to the NHIC I2P Grant Secretariat at

For an application to the I2D scheme, please submit the NHIC I2D Pre-Proposal Application Form to the NHIC I2D Grant Secretariat at Shortlisted applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal.

Further Information

For general enquiries about NHIC, and further information on any of the funding schemes, please contact us at