24 May 2021

Roadshow Agenda
  • Clinician Scientist – Individual Research Grant (CS-IRG)
  • Clinician Scientist – Individual Research Grant – New Investigator Grant (CS-IRG-NIG)
  • Open Fund –  Individual Research Grant (OF-IRG)
  • Open Fund – Young Individual Research Grant (OF-YIRG)
  • Open Fund – Large Collaborative Grant (OF-LCG)
  • Clinical Trial Grant (CTG)
  • Singapore Translational Research Investigator Award (STaR)
  • Clinician Scientist Award (CSA)
  • HPHSR^ Clinician Scientist Award (H CSA) *new*
  • Clinician Innovator Award (CIA)
  • Transition Award (TA)
  • NMRC Research Training Fellowship (NMRC RTF)
  • Singapore Clinical Research Institute (SCRI)’s sharing
  • National Health Innovation Centre (NHIC)’s grants
^HPHSR - Health Promotion, Preventive/Population Health and Health Services Research
*Details for the HPHSR Grant will be shared separately.

You can download the roadshow slides here
You can download SCRI's presentation here.
You can download the NHIC roadshow briefing slides here
One-off NMRC COVID-19 top-up grant details can be downloaded here.