22 Aug 2016

We have launched the Post-Award Modules in nGager for all RIE2020 projects* on 15 August 2016.  Moving forward, all post-award requests for the RIE2020 projects have to be submitted via nGager

The post-award functions that will be available on nGager are listed below for your reference.


Post-Award Functions on nGager

  • Change Principal Investigator
  • Change Host Institution
  • Grant Extension
  • Change Research Scope
  • Change Team Members
  • Budget Variation
  • Change Academic Institution
  • Inform an Event
  • Withdraw Project

Training Roadshow Slides

To prepare PIs and administrators on the new modules, NMRC conducted a training roadshow on 22 August 2016 at the College Of Medicine Building Auditorium.

You can download the roadshow slides below.

nGager Post Award Modules Roadshow Slides 


*RIE2020 projects will include projects which are funded from the below programmes/calls.

  • CS-IRG – CIRG15nov onwards
  • CS-IRG-NIG – CNIG15nov onwards
  • CSA-INV – CSAINV15nov onwards
  • CSA-SI – CSASI15nov onwards
  • TA – TA15nov onwards
  • OFIRG – OFIRG15nov onwards
  • OFYIRG – OFYIRG15nov onwards
  • Fellowship – Fellowshp16apr onwards
  • STaR – STaR16may onwards
  • HSRG – HSRG16jul onwards
  • HSR-NIG – HNIG16jul onwards