25 Jan 2017

NMRC has developed a new set of guidelines for the Open Fund-Large Collaborative Grant (OF-LCG) scheme to clarify the roles of the team members. The purpose is to encourage close collaboration within the team and ensure that recognition of achievements is attributed fairly to all individuals who have contributed to the programme. 

Please note that with effect from the May 2017 OF-LCG grant call, there will be a change in the “Lead PI” terminology to “Corresponding PI” who will continue to be the main point of communication between NMRC and the OF-LCG leadership team. The OF-LCG leadership team comprises the Corresponding PI and the Theme PIs.   

The documents are as below for your reference:

S/N Documents
1 Open-Fund Large Collaborative Grant (OF-LCG) Guidelines – NEW
2 FAQs – NEW