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nGager Compatibility

The nGager system is best viewed on Internet Explorer 11 and Mozilla Firefox. Do enable pop-ups and file downloads in your Internet Explorer/Firefox settings.

User Guide for Internet Explorer Settings

nGager Training Workshop

Training Workshops were conducted in October 2012 and November 2015. Click the following links to download the slides. 

nGager Training Workshop Slides (November 2015)
nGager Training Workshop Slides (October 2012)

nGager Roadshow (Progress and Final Report)

Click the following link to download the slides for the Progress and Final Report module on nGager

nGager Roadshow Slides (Progress and Final Report)

nGager Roadshow (Post Award Modules)

Click the following link to download the slides for the Post Award modules on nGager

nGager Roadshow Slides (Post-Award Modules) - 13MB

nGager User Guides

Please click on the respective links to view the User Guides for that specific action. User Guides with no links will be uploaded as soon as they are ready. 

User User Guides/Guidelines/Letters
All nGager Environment and User Profile
Accessing nGager
Forgotten Password

Create a Draft Application
Submit Application
Resubmit an Application after HI RD or RDO commented
Provide Rebuttal
Budget Revision
Upload Letter of Acceptance

Budget Variation

Post Award Requests


Submit Progress Report
Submit Final Report

Reviewer Peer Review
Panel Review
NMRC COI Guideline for Reviewers
HI RDO; RD Endorse Application
Comment and Return Application to PI

Budget Variation
Post Award Requests

Progress Report
Final Report
Academic Dean

Endorse Application / Return to HI

HI Finance Finance User Guide
Last updated: 10 Jul 2018