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Talent Development

NMRC recognises the need to train and develop clinician scientists who are able to plug these knowledge gaps and, over time, develop breakthrough research that will eventually result in positive outcomes for patients. 

Through its Human Capital Awards and Talent Development Programmes, NMRC offers comprehensive support to clinician scientists at every stage of their career, ranging from fellowship and scholarship programmes to sponsor budding clinician scientists for local or overseas training to prestigious awards to support excellent clinician-scientists.

Clinician Innovator Award 01 Jun 2018 - 02 Jul 2018

Clinician Scientist / Clinician Investigator Salary Support Programme 01 Jun 2018 - 02 Jul 2018

Clinician Scientist Award

MOH Healthcare Research Scholarship - Master of Clinical Investigation (MCI) Program

NMRC Research Training Fellowship

Singapore Translational Research Investigator Award

Transition Award

Last Updated:  20 Mar 2018