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Grant Management

General Matters

1. Award Letter

Successful applicants will receive the award notification letter from NMRC which states the amount of fund awarded and duration of project grant. Upon receipt of the award notification letter, respective PIs are required to submit their revised budget according to the prescribed format. PIs are also expected to address any reviewers/panel's comments. PIs are advised to revise their budget by following strictly to the panel’s recommendations. In addition, the revised cashflow projection has to be as accurate as possible in order to ensure 90% utilization of approved budget.

2. Terms & Conditions and Ethics requirement

The revised budget is to be submitted for council's approval and subsequently PIs will receive a Letter of Award which states the amount of budget and duration of project granted. PI and Host Institution are required to sign Letter of Acceptance to ensure that he/she and the Host Institution will be bound to the Terms and Conditions.

All projects utilizing human subjects, human tissue/cells and animals as well as those with requirement for containment should obtain full approval from the Ethics Committee of respective institution where the project/s will be conducted. For multi-centre projects or trials, Ethics Approval must be obtained from each participating institution.

Fund disbursement to the host institution can be facilitated only when the council has received the Letter of Acceptance and relevant ethics approval document(s) from the PIs.

3. Submission of Progress and Final reports

PIs are required to submit a Progress Report on an annual basis or whenever required by the Council. For projects that have been completed, the Final Report should reach the Council within three months of completion of the study. You may submit the progress/final report via nGager.

PIs are also required to report to the Council if there are other significant achievements or outputs arising from the project after the completion date, eg. new publications, direct clinical application of the research, commercialization of methodology or findings directly related to the research, etc. 

4. Disclosure

PIs must inform the council of any manuscripts submitted for publications, conference abstracts, media coverage/news, National/International Awards received, Patents fillings or any other publications related to the research grant.

For Conferences attendance, PIs must inform NMRC and to submit their conference abstracts. 

Specific Matters

5. Grant Variation

The authority to manage Research budget allocations between & within cost categories / votes (i.e. grant variation / virement), without an increase in overall budget, is delegated to the internal approving authority of the Host Institution. They are to inform NMRC of the variation/virement, subject to the following conditions being met:

The approving authority for such grant variation / virement of funds is the Director of Research or his/ officially endorsed designate; In the event that the requesting Investigator is the Director of Research, the approving authority should be the his superior;

The approving authority for such grant variation / virement of funds is subject to a cumulative amount not exceeding 10% of the total grant awarded for the Research;

Any grant variation / virement must be within the scope of NMRC Financial Regulations - Annex A: Qualifying Direct Research Cost and Indirect Research Cost;

Grant variation / virement is not allowed for items that have been specifically rejected from the approved application.

NMRC approval must be sought for any grant variation / virement outside of the scope as described above, using the relevant forms available on the Download Page.

6. Grant Extension

The Host Institution has the discretion to extend the Term of the Funding for a period capped at 1 year, provided that there is no additional funding required. The NMRC must be informed of such extension at least 3 months before the end of the Term of Funding. Failure to do so will result in funding payments being withheld or delayed.

Any further and subsequent request for grant extension have to be approved by the NMRC. Such requests and their justification must be submitted to NMRC for consideration at least 3 months before the expiry of the Term (or extended Term, if any). All submission out of time must be accompanied by an explanatory letter. The NMRC reserves the right to reject any request that is out of time.

7. Amendment to the research proposal

PIs must inform NMRC for any changes in the research proposal such as change of project title, protocols, etc. PIs must ensure strict adherence to the ethical guidelines and to submit relevant ethics approval documents to the council if the changes involve new ethics approvals from the relevant ethics committee.

8. Change of PIs, co-investigators and/or collaborators

Existing PI must seek NMRC's approval with regards to the handover of the project grant to a new PI. A written consent from both the existing and new PIs must be submitted to the council prior to the project handover. All new PIs/co-PIs, co-investigators, collaborators have to submit their CVs to the council.

9. Transfer of Host Institution

PIs must inform NMRC on the change of grant's host institution, and submit to NMRC the acknowledgment signatures from the institutional Research Directors of both institutions involved with regards to the change. The institutions involved should make corresponding agreement about rights; liabilities and consequences related to the change of host institution.

Last Updated:  16 Dec 2015